00:43, 07 July 2020
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Falling avalanche in Khorugh city

According to information of local residents the falling of avalanches

of current year is more than previous years. On the night 27th of March fallen the avalanche that consisted more than 300 meter and destroyed the buildings of the state enterprise of forestry, regional department of National Park of Tajikistan in province, state enterprise on preservation of special areas of province of the forestry agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, Zorkul Reservoir and tailoring workshop. As well the residential homes of 5 families were damaged. Due to occurred situations was organized the headquarter with the efforts of the executive body of the state local authority of province and Khorugh city and the activities in the way to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster is going on. As well significant measures were implemented for the food provision of population as well by the executive body of the state local authorities of province and city. It should be noted that precipitation and snowfall of last days caused falling avalanches in the roads of province, closing the transport movements were registered in the direction Khorugh-Dushanbe in Sinsilakh part, in the direction Khorugh-Murghob in Bidurd part. In connection to this situation from the residents of city and province as well guest required refraining visit in dangerous areas.