12:31, 14 July 2020
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Peru battered by fatal floods and mudslides

Lima Province in Peru is once again being battered by mudslides and fatal floods.

Heavy rains have afflicted Peru’s mostly desert climate this year, killing dozens and destroying 12,000 homes. Authorities say that troops have been deployed to the worst affected areas and helicopters are at work rescuing those trapped by the waters. Those that survived have lost what belongings they own:” “Everything, everything unusable, the furniture. There’s no bed, nothing inside. Everything is filled with water. There’s no place for the water to go,” declared one victim. The mayor of the affected Nuevo Chimbote area is Valentin Fernandez.“There are no classes in all of Nuevo Chimbote, half a meter of water remains in forty public high schools. We don’t have electricity, we don’t have drinking water. Traffic is at a standstill because we have flooded streets and we cannot go to any other location except Chimbote.” The unusual rains began in December and scientists say the intense rainfall is caused by the warming of the surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Authorities are braced for two more weeks of heavy rain and the consequences.